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wagon has some rot in the floor, Its got thro a MOT and i know savage did a reshell 


im not going for comfort so interior is easy and general stuff.... what model should i go for? 


I fancy a RA ! 

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If you intend on fitting the v5/v6 wagons engine I'd look for a clean jdm v5/v6 with a fubar'd engine . As using the same version will make the engine loom,inlet manifold and auxiliaries match up easier.

As for model ,I personally wouldn't get anything to special as you would de value it by re shelling into it .

I saw a mint condition ,bog standard v1sti up for £8k .

I think I'd be lucky to get that for my modded one , even though the engine n 6 speed is probably worth £5k .

I will admit my clean Shell would've gone to the scrappies if I hadn't have saved it for my project .Mind you I don't think I'll ever sell it but if I did I'd probably have to break it to get my money back.

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Took side skirts off its no where near as bad as first thought ! It was a section about size of a 50p ! After they told me needed extensive welding , checked everywhere and nothing !! 


Looks more ore like the Jack slipped 

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