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What Tyres Are Recommended?

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Fairly soon will be needing new tyres, am down to just under 2mm front, 2.5mm back, so am planning now on what rubber to go with, looking at the best option for up to £100 per corner, after searching these look to be the best option from what I can see at £352 for all 4.

Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: DriveGuard™ XL Runflat (suitable for non-runflat wheels)
Speed Rating: Y
Load Index: 94Y
1 2 3 4 5
Bonus Points on these tyres are a "A" rating on wet stopping, and a "C" Rating on fuel efficacy.
Does anyone know a better choice?


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what are you using the car for?


I've got advan ad08r's which are incredible but will wear too quick if your daily driving.

Before that I had Goodyear eagle f1's which are good for daily driving.

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Goodyear Eagle F1's are very good and a lot of us use them. Can be had for just under 100 a corner if you shop around

Agreed, that's what I will be running very soon once Dunlops wear out and have run on previous performance orientated cars.

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I have eagle f1 gsd3 on and they've been an excellent tyre. Almost at the death on fronts and they've been on the car for 18k miles. Good dry and wet grip but you can get them to kick out in the wet. Still very controllable. They do what they're asked and I've never been caught out by them. Gonna be a sad day when I change as they no longer make them for my size 😢

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