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Twinscroll to Single Conversion

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Hey guys, after a bit of info please. 

I really miss the burble so decided when I upgrade my turbo I'm going back to single scroll setup with UE headers. Now I've seen loads of info on how to convert from single to twin but not the reverse. I know I'll need the headers and up pipe obviously plus a new downpipe. What's confusing me is that the twin has a different sump and oil feed too, will I need to change these to go single scroll too or will they be ok? Anything else I've missed? 


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I know when converting to twinscroll you do have to change ...

Headers .

Up pipe .



Sump .


I'm unsure about the oil pickup and splash guard/baffle though .

I don't know anything about the reverse conversion, so it would be worth checking if single scroll headers clear the twinscroll sump.

As this would save a lot of labour and hassle if you could leave the sump ect on .

If google dont know, then Maybe someone like matty b would be worth a call as he used to sell twinscroll conversions ( I nearly bought one off him a while back) .

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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From what I've read

single to twin =

twin scroll sump, oil pick up, dipstick and tubing ,twin scroll equal length headers ,twin up pipe ,pipe work for turbo ie oil and coolant, twin scroll down pipe.


So that should mean twin to single you want to get

sump, oil pick up, dipstick and tubing, unequal lengths headers, up pipe, down pipe, oil and water lines to turbo. A turbo and remap.

Ive got a number for a decent breaker if you want it to see what bits he can get you, he is very knowledgeable so would be able confirm exactly what you need.

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I'm pretty sure you don't actually need to change the sump, oil pick up etc when going to single though... Should just need to change headers, up pipe and downpipe. Which would save a lot of money with pats and labour if I don't need to change those bits. But not been able to get confirmation of this yet. 

Not seen Martin at SSS for a while so might pop up to his on Saturday to confirm. I'll update this thread to help others when I get it sorted. 


Or or I might just !Removed! it off and see if anyone wants to just swap for a UK model 😂.

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Haven't got access to any headers at the moment.

Martin did say to me when I bought it he knows a couple of people who bought the JDM and converted to single scroll for burble back same as I now want to. Hoping he's the one who did their conversion then he'll know for sure..

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Should have just dropped the money into the old one to hit 400 nick [emoji23]

No meet Monday so will have to catch up soon bud, don't let the car get you too down sure she'll be spot on again soon

Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk

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I almost wish I did. Scrap that, what I really wish is that I'd just bought a allready modified widetrack UK instead for same price. The widetrack handling is on another level compared to my old one even after all upgrades I did. The DCCD is great fun too when it's wet and set power to back 😉

Oh well. At least the engine is stronger so when I do get to 400 I won't have to worry as much about it going bang. 


Yea, need to sort something out at some point mate. 

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Think Ash as disappeared of the face of the earth, rang Martin the other day got Craig on the phone giving it loads of bants and that was it.

Ah well if all else fails we'll have to get on the ****

Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk

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