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Hi guys n dolls


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Very true... I'm going looking for a new scooby this weekend. Narrowed it down to see couple of 55 and 54 blob eye wagons. 

Main reason I'm trying to get a bit more knowledge before the weekend. 

One in matlock at farmers and one Loughborough at an independent...wish me luck!👍

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Well.... went to look at a 55 plate for £5500 from a local subaru dealership and was very disappointed just how tatty it was. 

Keep looking for now and just hope the clutch on my legacy lasts a few more weeks yet!

Cheers mate 👍

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Thanks for the advise.. driving like miss daisy for me for now then.

Just a thought but do you think a dual mass fly wheel can be repaired. Like a single one getting skimmed etc...?

Just a thought?

Cheers pete

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