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New wrx owner

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Hi guys Ashley from Somerset here, got a 96 Impreza WRX (import) a few months back and have to say I really love it. Previously had a E46 I'd done up a bit plus then got a 2nd car, an RX8 (straight through cobra twin exhaust, remap/rev limit raised, std but mint bodywork just smoked lights). Kinda got bored with my Beemer, was a tank and had for years and great for work but just got bored as you do. The RX8 was fun and gave me a taste of Jap cars but drove less and less with the onset of apex seal failure :( However :) The Impreza is a dream come true, always lusted since childhood for a fast turbo rally car and really impressed with it so far. Its got a lot of pulling power, never had a 4WD, boxer or even a turbo car but amazing grip, speed, sound, everything! :) Roar, Pop, Psssst, novelty still hasn't worn off!

Anyway I wanna keep this one standard-ish, he says now, but am planning some subtle mods when I have some time off and money saved up. I'm not great mechanically, will do some stuff but not really anything engine related. Trouble is I can't find a Haynes manual for the MK1?! Does anyone know if one exists? Want to replace my wing mirrors and do some easier stuff but like having a guide.

Great to meet you all, no doubt I'll be pestering you for advice!

Cheers Ash




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Welcome Ash!

Always nice to see such an enthusiastic owner.  Def a car worth holding on to and looking after.  Got any pictures?

Dig in to the forum and hopefully someone can point you in the direction of a manual.

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