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Anyone seen anything like this before?


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Ok so started getting a rasp under the scoob (which I have only had back from the garage a week after a few months waiting for the gearbox to be repaired) I was thinking they forgot to tighten it back up after replacing the gearbox. So popped round to a man with a ramp got it up in the air and found the below image.

as you can see some prat has over tightened the bolts stopping any movement which has caused the welds to shear.

Now my question is does anyone know why someone has dropped the size of the pipe work and increased it again after?

I'm going to get this whole section removed and the size corrected will this cause me any issues?




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1 hour ago, stants said:

My guess is that someone's had different parts of systems and 'made' them fit together ?

Whats the diameterof the pipe on the left of the pic 3" ?

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It's some cheap crap  metal just under 3inch each side. Just looking through my paperwork and it says it has a 3.5inch magnex. Think someone is telling porkys 😂


49 minutes ago, Martian said:

Lol, ive only just sorted mine out, bit of a coincidence finding two exhaust bodge jobs so close together. Mine was a 2.5" reduced to a 2".


The car felt a fair bit better after i removed it.

Must have been the same fitters 😝

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