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We have just fitted a ninja II rear back box section on the standard exhaust system, and we're wondering would it sound better if we did the middle section as well, we don't want to cause problem with dash warning lights etc, but want a better sound if possible



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When i removed my resinator from a standard cat back japspeed system it made no diffrence apart from on motorway it droned more

So i did a 3" turbo back with double decat and no resinator finishing with blitz nur spec back box and now small children cry when i drive past and on tick over if your stood at the rear it feels like someone is punching you in the chest.

I was chasing the brutal sound for ages so my advice just buy the system everybody will recomend inc me because otherwise you will be dissapointed if you dont want neighbours to hate you get a cat back nur spec with resinator as with 2x cats still in place it will be acceptable on the decibel front but sound lovely


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