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Body damage


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So I'm starting to think this car is cursed as soon as things start going well something happens. Today i was crashed into very slowly going round a roundabout it has put a large dent in my drivers door and a small dent and scratches in the rear right. I cant simply go through insurance as the car has had so many modifications i would prefer them not having a look at it for the sake of 2 doors. Anyway me and the other person involved have decided not to involve insurance and each pay for our own cars.

What i really am wanting to know is how much am i looking at down south to repair and paint 2 doors? there is no damage to anywhere else just the 2 doors. I need the car for friday and would really like it repaired by then if anyone knows a decent price to prevent me getting ripped off 

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Not just you, my friend went outside to find this yesterday or Friday


Turns out a car pulled out without looking, sideswiped another car and scraped into her car which before then had no scratches or dents I can think of apart from a patch of rust near petrol filler :(

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