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Upgrades for an Outback


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Hello all

I've just written a massive page of bits and bobs about me and my car, which has just refreshed and has been deleted.

so this will be short and sweet.

Just bought a 2006 3L RN.

Love it.

How do i go about upgrading it?

Reasonable with mechanics but never done upgrades before.

What do i need, where can i get, how much, any recommened sites? etc etc

Much love


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Hello & welcome,

All depends on what you want to do to it when you say upgrading ?

Trying to get more power out of it is pretty fruitless unless you want to spend a lot of money.

The path I'd go down is handling.

Loads of different aftermarket bits around

Whitline do alot of parts, and you may find that impreza/forester parts of the same year will go on

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Wotcha and welcome - as above due to it being N/A big power wont be something to go for but as Stants said plus look at a high flow panel filter with a freer flowing exhaust (sport cat) then a remap - this wont give massive bhp but will ensure your engine is running at its optimum so best mpg etc will be possible 

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These are some good idea's,

 Hi Stants, would you recommend maybe a stability bar in the engine bay across the front suspension mounts? I don't want to lower it, so the only other thing i can think of would be improved tyres?


Hi Jay, I think i will do the new air filter with the sport cat, followed by the remap. What sort air filter would you recommend? Changing the box filter or take the box out? Also

Do you think a manifold upgrade is worth it?

Thanks for the suggestions



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Manifold upgrade isn't worth it really, a decent none oiled filter will be best as if you remove the box you only end up with loads of heatsoak, have a look at the cosworth filters, fairly cheap and do a good job,

Strut braces will help firm up the feel, you can get them for the rear too. Better anti roll bar droplinks are another worthwhile upgrade and depending how far you want to go,maybe look at refreshing the suspension bushes if they are old

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Nice one, reckon i'll sack the manifold off then. The cosworth filters at £50 on eBay seem pretty good but whats heatsoak? I ask because some of the air filter kits look quite tidy an my mates go on an on about them.

I got £1500 for my air filter, exhaust and re map and i'm hoping to get some good kit for this.

Once this is done i'll work on a new budget for the handling,

Thanks for the good advise


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