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Would like to know my MPG


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My wrx is mapped with a simtek ecu and seems to be ok for fuel for a subaru but i would love to be able to track my mpg like you could in a modern car. I am just wondering if there is anything you can buy to maybe plug in to read my mpg accurately also as I'm not sure how accurate my fuel dial is.

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Plenty of apps to do this, Easiest way is to keep your petrol receipts, log your mileage at every fill up then do the maths the next time you fill up again.

Classic gauges are notoriously rubbish

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Just fill up to the top, reset miles, fill up to the top again, see how many litres it is compared to your miles.

Started doing this after the exhaust on my escort hit one of those folding poles/bollards which pushed it back and hit my petrol tank making the gauge always read full.

When your light turns on you have 9-10 litres of fuel

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