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2004 Legacy Spec B estate for sale :( Chepstow


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Hi all

Due to a change in circumstances, my Spec B estate is reluctantly up for sale. I now have a 45 mile daily motorway commute, and the Legacy is wasted on it - I need a boring diesel car :( If anyone has a Skoda Octavia Scout 2.0 TDI I'd consider a swap!

So, it's a silver September 2004 reg UK Spec B 3.0 estate car (6 speed manual gearbox) with nearly 108,000 miles on the clock. It's in the low tax bracket, so £260 odd per year. It's MOT'd until June 2017, with three minors:

Brake hydraulic reservoir fluid close to minimum level (3.6.G.1b)
rear Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases (7.1.2)
Exhaust corroded

The brake fluid has since been topped up, so just the exhaust issue remains. It sounds a little throaty on the run down, but I couldn't see any holes.

There is a slight noise from the rear diff, or possibly propshaft, but when I took it to a garage they said "don't worry about it until it's loud"! The garage owner is also potentially interested in buying it, he thinks it's a great car!

On the good side, it's had new front Bilstein shocks; two new front tyres (and rear tyres still have good tread) and wheel alignment. It had a service and check over at a Subaru specialist last year when I bought it, and I also fitted a new Battery in August 2015 (Exide Premium Battery 005, 4 year guarantee)

When I bought the car (April last year IIRC) it had no service history as the previous owner had bought it from a garage who had lost the paperwork. So I had it checked over by a Subaru specialist in Bristol, who confirmed that it had been looked after. They fitted new brake pads on the rear, and also freed up a stuck rear calliper. They replaced the rear diff fluid, and also engine oil (5W30 Titan Race Pro oil, fully synthetic ester based, the good stuff!), oil filter, air filter. They checked brake fluid, coolant, gearbox fluid etc. and said all was fine / fresh / concentrated enough. Since then I have replace the cabin air / pollen filter as well. The clutch bites beautifully, no signs of slip or smells etc. - I believe it may have been replaced, but can't say for sure due to the lost paperwork.

It comes with genuine Subaru oil and air filters, bought off here- but I didn't do enough mileage to think it worth fitting them. I've done about 6000 miles in it in 18 months. (I only used the Subaru for long journeys which will warm the engine properly as I have a push bike and another car for short journeys!)

Car is located near Chepstow. Given the issues above, I'm looking for £3250 ONO. (Please let me know if you think this is too much / too little, as these cars are quite hard to price - but I paid a fair bit more for it when I bought it). I'll miss the performance and grip, but needs must!

Pictures to follow. Ask me if you have any questions.



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Thanks Jay

I've not pushed it too hard, and maybe big petrol engined cars aren't popular at the moment. Had some interest. Plus the possible diff noise may put people off - I've had a quote of £700 to refurbish it, so a lot cheaper than buying a new one from Subaru! And it may well be possible to get it done cheaper elsewhere...

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Hi all


Still for sale! Mainly because I've not tried to sell it too hard, as I've not found a replacement car yet. However, it now has a full year's MOT (no advisories at all), and the exhaust has been welded.


The noise from the rear is still there, but no worse as far as I can tell!


Offers around £2750 considered...

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I needed it 3 months ago and the old man said I could have it and pay him once I'd stripped mine, I need something bigger though ! Focus is tiny and slow 🤣 although is only costing me 50 a month on fuel instead of 30 a Week, I'll do some man maths 🤣


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