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Fuel pump


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 The fuel pump on my classic1998 wrx sti (import) has failed. Can anyone recommend where to find a replacement one.

there are lots on the internet, that are "uprated"  and  the car may need a retune after fitting. I just want a new on

     Cheers Yoss.

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I personally went with the rcm pump but any standard or aftermarket factory fit ones will be fine fella. (Even if they're uprated ).

As the fuelling will be the same as when running your existing pump . Cos the fuel pressure regulator will keep the fuel pressure same as before.

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If I was to get a fuel pump now and I had the money laying about it would be the rcm pump

But I didn't, so I brought a second hand fuel cradle for 20quid posted and it was a pop in and out job.

Are you sure it's the pump that's failed and not a fuse/relay?

There should be two thick wires going to the fuel pump, the black one is ground and the other is power, stick a multimeter in dc volts down the holes, negative on the ground and positive on the other one and see if you're getting good voltage.

And you could test the fuel pump whilst ur at it.

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Just as a recommendation on fuel pump in case people want additional suggestions, as Bob Rawle seems to always recommend these - HRC pumps seem good as well. I had one in a Legacy TT for about 5/6 years - no issues.

You can find them on eBay or he does have a website. Rob is a good guy there and knows his stuff.



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