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Spec D in Sheffield


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Thought I'd sign up as I've just bought a 2007 Spec D PPP. It's my third Impreza, after having a couple of Blob WRX PPPs.

The car had a gigantic GB270 spoiler on it (see pic from the dealer) but it's not really my thing and kind of defeats the point of a Spec D, so the first thing I have done is replace it with the small spoiler from the standard car. Pretty much everyone I mentioned it to has said it should keep the big one, but I'm just not keen on it.

Anyway, that's it...now I am just going to try and enjoy it and attempt not to worry too much about HG or piston ring failure!



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welcome @coldcuppatea nice scooby,i personnaly dont like that rear spoiler,think its not the nicest spoiler subaru made for them and if your wanting it to look original then go with the right one for the car,look forwards to seeing picture of it with original on when you have done it.

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Spoiler back to correct one now. I prefer the look and feel a lot less conspicuous. Had a good run through the Peak District late last night with it. Quite surprised as to how different it feels to my last WRX. Much more lairy and prone to the rear sliding on acceleration. In some respects I think the WRX was easier to drive quickly on the road. Great fun though!

Newly gelded, next to our little Fiesta ST.


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