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Am I the only Impreza owner to have this issue?


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Hi guys, 

I've now been all over the internet looking for any info on this and I'm can't find a single post! 

The problem is that the indicator stalk on my 98 UK Impreza doesn't cancel 98% of the time. I know it's only a minor issue but I've not long bought the vehicle (my first) as a bit of a project and want to fix all the little niggles.

The question is if I buy a new indicator stalk will that solve the problem or is there a cancellation peg on the steering column that can be adjusted and has anyone ever done it or will I have to buy a new one? 

I'd rather try and repair it myself rather than send it to a garage. 

Thanks for reading! 

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Cheers Stants,

I watched 30 seconds of that video yesterday but turned it off when I realised it wasn't the same fault however just watched it all and it seems a pretty easy job. 

From looking at pics the stalk housing switch looks plastic or nylon so I think I'm gonna try swapping the housing out first. There's a few on eBay going cheap. 


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Can't say I've had a issue with either my 97 UK turbo or my 94 sti but both of those were under 90k mls .

Just thought i mention that The early classic uk's and jdms have the indicator stalks on the opposite sides and I'm not sure if they're universal ( so try to get 1 off the same year /version )

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OK,  so a quick update. 

Got a new stalk unit and popped it in but same problem...... If I turn the wheel over a full rotation it will cancel but under normal driving conditions it won't budge. I'm starting to wonder if it has a steering column from a jdm (as Savage mentioned they have the indicators on the other side). 

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