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XV insurance - sexist??


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Ok, so I went onto compare the market today to get a quote for my XV, cake out at £280 which seemed fair enough, so I phoned Admiral who provided the quote and they suggested multicar as my wife's car is also due at the end of the month, so I thought that might be worth a look. 

So we put the details of both cars and drivers in

ww both have 9+ years no claims bonus, both of us have only made one windscreen claim on the last year, we live at the same place, she does about 4000 miles more than me a year. Everything else is the same,  excess the lot.

so you can imagine my surprise when admiral came back and said my insurance with multicar bonus would be £250, however my wife's car would be £425?? So I questioned why this was so much dearer when she's only doing an extra 4000miles. So I asked the lady on the phone to make her mileage the same as mine. Now everything is the same except I have business use on mine and my car is newer and has a slightly higher cost, but no,  no change at all. 

So now I'm on the position where two identical cars, driven by two identical drivers, with the same mileages and the same values same everything except for one detail, my wife is a woman? So she pays £180 more than me for exactly the same product, admiral can't provide any explaination for this. 

I am now awaiting a call back for an explaination, currently they seem to be suggesting that it's my wife's credit rating that may be the difference. Not sure how this would affect an insurance quote as at this point I haven't suggested we want to pay monthly.

anyone else come across this?

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Apparently I've been told there's a possibility her insurance is dearer because she's got 1 no fault claim and one windscreen replacement, thus she has 2 no fault claims and that can put her insurance up by as much as 300% WTF!!! So I drive like an angel and someone else drives like DIC! And I have my premiums go up! Are people having a laugh?

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4 hours ago, Linx said:

Different professions make quite a difference too. If I enter Computer Engineer it is cheaper than Systems Analyst.

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I know but I have to put construction and my wife puts retail, I know mine pushes my insurance up so that wasn't it. 

But I've had a response from Admiral about why my wife's car insurance and it's basically because they judge you not on how safe a driver you are but the demographic you fall in. So regardless of whether you've had any accidents they look at your age and your occupation, credit rating etc and if you fall in a group that statistics say have more accidents then it's unlucky you, up goes your insurance. They also add a significant weighting for the fact that you've had a non-fault accident, so when your driving along minding your own business and that  Pratt drives into the back of your car and his insurance pays up, if you're with Admiral up will go your insurance. 

Ive told them to clear off, even though they ate the cheapest I'm not going to use them if this is how they go business. Quote me happy we're slightly dearerbut both me and our wife's insurance came within a couple of quid of each other which seems fair. 

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