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Wheel and bodywork refurbishment


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I'm looking to get my wheels and bodywork sorted next year. I was looking for some recommendations. I live in west Dorset. My body work isn't to bad, just a few small areas of scratches and a couple of small dents. The wheels I think need to be black with a modern twist. Are there any nationwide company's that come to you house to do it that have reasonable prices. Also any comments on my car and what I could do to modernise it would be great fully received.


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I would like to change the wheels, but the funds won't allow it just yet. I think I'll get the lower front grille. Refurb the wheels and paint work. I don't want an sti spoiler, main reason why I didn't buy an sti lol. I just wondered if anyone knows of anything different, but subtle.

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I quite like that. Also fog lamp covers - I like the way it finishes the front end, but I guess they would make the fog lamps redundant? I have seen a pic of a blob with fog lamps built into the covers, but can't seem to find them for sale. Has anyone done this? Is it a diy job?

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2 minutes ago, Sirspidey said:

They do where I live. We seem to get a lot of fog. But go about 10 miles away and it's clear. Also most road from where I live to a main road don't have white lines painted on roads. The fogs help see the hedge. I use them quite a bit.

Ah ok... you're one of the few people who use them! Could always buy the fog lamp covers, then swap them back during the winter/foggy months? They simply clip in so only takes a minute to change

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Had my wheels done by these:


Better than new and very reasonable. Got five done for the price of four as I have a full size alloy spare.

Went for a colour change from diamond cut silver to satin gunmetal. Better than new and looks the dogs.

My wheels were all trashed when the previous owner put snow chains on which I used to knock the price down knowing I'd get them refurbed.

Not sure if they come to you but I borrowed a spare set of wheels from my mate and dropped my wheels off. They were done within 24 hours so I collected them next day. They even fitted them while I was there which was handy.

I'll deffo use them again and they are a fraction of the price of new wheels.


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