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Future Scooby owner


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I've caught the impreza bug and will be buying one at some point this year.

Someone advised I sign up here, sit back and learn.  

Plan is to wait for a decent example of a WRX to come up for private sale.  I've had enough of giving my money to second hand car dealers.

I went to view one yesterday, 05 WRX with ppp, 90k on clock, service history, 1 owner.  Dealers asking 6.3k and offered me 3.6k trade in on my Audi a3 which I purchased in September for 6k, even we buy any car would give me over 4k for it.

Anyway I look toward to contributing to your forum.

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Welcome! Some dealers can be assh*les... always best to hold out for the right one to come up for the right price. 

I bought mine from a dealership (a garage, not trader) and it was in fairly good condition, I paid about a grand over the private asking price which didn't bother me to much as I got free AA cover and 3 months engine/ gearbox warranty. 

I hope you find one soon... i've not looked back so far since owning one! :biggrin:

- Matt

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1 hour ago, GeoffLeggy said:


"someone" sounds smart :laugh:.  Hopefully something will come up in time for the better weather.  Look forward to seeing what you find and dont be shy on asking opinions on options.  For the one you mention, sounds like they are taking the ****.

Does seem expensive.


They have been selling Subaru's for 17 years, you would think their pricing would be good

I'm desperate to go out and buy one but I need to try and hold back.  If insurance wasn't crazy I would love to run two cars and use the Scooby as a fun and bad weather car.  As it happens I'm looking at up to 1300 to insure a WRX, that's 27 year old, 4 years licence, 4 years no claims.

I paid 1000 for my Audi a3 this year 

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