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New user - Owned same Scooby for 10 years


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Never used this forum, but I have owned my scooby for around 10 years.

Always wanted one, and found a perfect blue one with gold wheels.

It's a 04 plate (blob eye I think).

Now is time for it to go (10 years the same car - I'm sure I'll regret it though...)


It's a Type UK WRX STI (as the log book says).

It's mint, as I do around 2-4k miles a year, and it's always garaged. 

It's always serviced every year, and had a cambelt last year and clutch and flywheel this year.

I have not modified it in anyway, and this is what it had when I bought it:

Some yellow stickers saying 333 rather than the usual 555. This I think is because it has 330 bhp.

It's got a full pro-drive exhaust (large)

It's got all the STI bits - seats, sterering wheel etc waterjet button for intercooler, spolier pink badge etc.

Only think I have done is a double din alpine cd player with Bluetooth.

It's perfect as I say and done 80,000 miles.

Any idea where I can sell it and what an earth I should ask for it? Seems to special to just pop it on autotrader.





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