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Matts Wagon Take 3...... Ropey Red


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Well GC8 time again, Went newage.... Sat on drive for 2.5 months and coming back to a GC8 wagon! was looking for another uk spec but wife did point out ive had 2 UK wagons now, and i wanted a early wrx loon before so maybe try find a early WRX / STi

After searching and finding rot boxes and just chaved up editions with more Halfords crap on them than a mcdonalds car park reject i nearly gave up , Sell the fugly bugly, Stick cash in the bank and **** it up the wall 




Light at the end of a tunnel, A 1992 early V1 WRX Wagon in Red! , Body work needs some TLC but the engine is rebuilt ! it needs some tlc but well it was dirt cheap! TRACK TOY AHEAD!! 


Its a bit garish... not my cup of tea but can see what the guy was trying to achieve, red and black ! which isnt all bad 


Hopefully be in my driveway Saturday all raring to go




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Yeah hence the apexi avcr , gonna have a power run and see what it's kicking out I think it's got esl but I haven't pulled it apart yet 

wide arch maybe but I'm liking the sti wheels , it's being de stickered and colour coded or more black 

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I like the look of preface plastics in black, being unpainted they don't stone chip too .

Just spotted a few v1 bits on a f.b page "Bart rocko " the seller

There's a esl ecu and apexi resonator delete amongst a few other bits 😉


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