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Time i had my own thread


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3 days after i bought it i got it strait in.fpr limo tints in rear 3 and dark on fronts then all the lights fly eyed' 

For anyone who.doesnt know this gives the effect of smoked lights but doesnt restrict light at all its like a holey film.see pic





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Then after a session on the rollers at scooby clinic it made 269bhp which was a dissappintment so i booked it in for peformance pack on which is 

3" turbo back decat exhaust

Uprated fuel pump

Perrin induction kit

And a remap

It now makes 325 bhp and drives like a diffrent car really worth the money


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Next on the list was afew things that were bugging me visually so it went back to scooby clinic for 

Sti fog covers

Rally mud flaps

Front splitter

Perrin wing stiffies

Also while there i had oil and filter change

And uprated spark plugs



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Then it was time for my private plate to go on abd while i was at it i put on

standard sti rear lights on

Hella horns

Hid headlights

And a windscreen sticker (for the 10bhp im told they add)

Also forgot to mention i changed the subaru grill badge to pink


Pic of lights showing standard vs hid






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Then a good wash and here she is now

Future mods

Ive ordered a front mount and fitting kit so a week tomoz (sunday) il be fitting that

Ive got the wheels and calipers bieng done gold wednesday

Its going back to scooby clinic for coilivers full geo set up and arb

Then all the carbon fiber bits are bieng colour coded




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Japspeed kit mate and yea they did it was a set back but in a way i bought an unmolestered one so its swings n roundabouts

Update wheels and calipers dun today not as light as usual gold but look much better than black


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