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Bugeye problem

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Get a sniff test done. That will detect exhaust gases in the coolant. Most common failure of head gasket on Imprezas are between exhaust and coolant

Agree with this! My head gasket has gone and there was no coolant in the oil at all. It was incredibly hard to tell without the sniff test to confirm. I suspected mine had gone for a couple of weeks but the car seemed to run fine. It was only after leaving it idling after a fast run that it suddenly over heated.

Don't try and work it out yourself, original poster....just get it into a garage for a test!

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Is there an age the head goes on these cars, i read somewhere the average life of a standard head gasket is around 150k. Could be baloney - my old wrx leaked at around 115k - not far from my wrx mileage now! And does any of that copper sealant liquid help to prolong it?

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