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Upgrading Header tank 1994 WRX


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My standard header tank is looking pretty old and run down now so I'm upgrading I've seen a few different makes but Forge stands out to me as the top spec brand just out of interest am i purely paying for the brand and what header tanks is everyone else using? 

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Forge are a quality bit of kit but at nearly £200 new I bought a second hand 1 with a bit of damage to 1 of the take off pipes for £35 . Then had a local fabricator weld a new take off pipe on for a tenner [emoji6]


Just keep a eye out for a second hand 1 in good nick you'll generally pay about £80 for 1

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I used to be a welder fabricator ,so I personally think £170 is a bit steep for £15's worth of ally and a mornings work . I even spoke to a local fabricator to make a few to sell at about £100 but his mx5 turbo conversion kits are selling well ,so he hasn't got the time atm .

The second hand 1 I bought had a busted take off , Id say it had been abused as the forged ones appear to be well made though .

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