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STi oil issue

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I wonder if anyone can offer some advice. I have a uk spec STi it had Roger Clark return to sump catch can on it. My mechanic advised that as the car only has minor use this is overkill. Swapped to a normal catch can, now this is where the issue starts. The car is breathing really heavy and has already filled the catch can to the brim, after 100 miles or so. We had the manifold and down pipe of the same night and there is no oil in the turbo or exhaust. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Seems a bit odd to have removed the return, as they all need to be emptied over time and having the return just makes it virtually maintenance free, they do fill up with alot of condensation during the winter months,

What can did he put in place ?

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Do you have a blockage in one of the other breathers that has been disconnected when removing the RCM item? Are all the tubes arranged so oil will flow back down them - ie none drop below the point at which they connect to the engine allowing oil to build up then be blown into the catch tank instead of going back into the engine?

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If your's is a 2.5 with avcs they are known to breath quite heavy especially when mapped . But that's far to much oil to loose in 100 mls .

Are you sure the 2 port can has been fitted correctly and 1 of the breathers has been blocked off by mistake?

If you didn't seem to have a issue when the rcm 1 was fitted , I'd refit that (most things rcm are good quality ) and ideally you need a 3 port can , some people run 2 cans on tuned 2.5's

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I'll have to have a proper look into it when I get a minute in day light. I've not really looked into the correct fitting of it. We literally took the RCM one off which was 2 port at the top with return to sump. And put the new one on. 

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