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Wheels skipping

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When I'm reversing out of my drive or a parking space it feels as if the wheels are skipping.  It's not on full lock and it does it to a lesser extent in first gear.  It doesn't do it in normal driving.  I know that a difference in tread depth, between front and back, can cause this but there 's only 1 mm difference.  Is that enough to cause it?

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1mm wouldn't make any difference at all, is it when the cars being driven for the 1st time in the morning or from work ?

Prob just the diffs winding up and protesting a little due to cold oil

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12 hours ago, Maisiebabe said:

Yes Stants, usually first thing in the morning and when I'm leaving from work.  Is it possible to change the oil in the diffs?

Yeh it's pretty straight forward.

Your rear diff will have two plugs on the back of it, a fill and a drain hole (make sure to crack the fill hole first) this takes around 1 litre of oil.

Gearbox has a drain plug on the bottom and filling it is done via the dipstick hole underneath your intercooler (assuming you have the turbo model). 5 speed box takes around 3.5 litres to fill, more for a 6 speed.

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