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Is my 64 plate STI classed as a 2015?


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Not sure what I post here makes any difference to what you need but just some additional info - model years and registration dates are different things. MY are like build forecasts for a tranche of models. So using the example above, it is not uncommon for a MY 2015 to be purchased / registered in 2014. Your car is actually a 2015MY as there were no WRX STi 2014MY in this current shape (I believe).

These MY changes sometimes coincide with pricing movements, sometimes with trim differences etc. It depends on manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. The WRX doesn't really go through this stuff as quickly as maybe other Scooby models or even other manufacturers. Some manufacturers break down the MY into halves or even quarters. So you could buy a MY 2017.25 Vauxhall or 2017.75 Ford. When they release these MY's, it doesn't really coincide with the year we are in. So it could be that the 2018 MY may be released in the next couple of months.

Why does it make any difference ? Unless you are a bit of a trim fanatic or like to choose a particular enhancement on the model that you know wasn't built until a certain MY, either as a new car or a used car, then this would have passed you by. In fairness, we tend to go on registrations to age our motors.

That is both a good thing and a bad thing. Frankly, MY classification is a bit clumsy and, as said, unless you know what you are looking for with the enhancements between one MY and the next, it would make little difference to you. That all said, MY gives you a view of how long the vehicle has been sitting around before being bought / registered. That may concern you, especially if your car is 3 years older than the reg date.

The US and Japan tend to work more by MY than reg dates because they don't have the change in plate to depict the age as frequent as us. So it is one of the key understandings as to when the vehicle MY is. They seem to be more particular on the extra's they may get for the next model year or what they may lose (as it sometimes goes that way as well). As said, we tend to go by the plate to age our vehicle.

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