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Clutch or Gearbox??? :(


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Hi all! (hopefully the correct forum for this post?!),

Some of you may have seen my recent post regarding me finally getting my RB5 back on the road;

As per my introduction post... I suffered with the transmission issues when driving home last week after accelerating hard from a stand still for the first time, I had driven the car hard with the new lump installed several times within the last few weeks but never from being stationary. I have a little 1/4 mile strip o/s my business and thought after sorting the all the teething problems it was time to see what she could do....

Stuck me back in my seat with a smile on my face, felt amazing having some power under my foot once again however once on the residential highway, a 1/2 mile later and "dad driving mode" re-activated i could hear a strange noise coming from the car. It sounded like a rattle/knocking noise, the car at this point was still driving normally (apart from the sound). After a few miles on the motor way (and lots of sounds!), i seem to loose gears when trying to pull from the slip road...

I managed to pull away in 3rd and get home...

Ive not driven the car since this, its been parked up!


  • Rattle noise when clutch depressed in neutral, noise disappears when pedal pressed.
  • Started the car tonight from cold and seem to be able to select all gears normally, clutch bites in its normal position.
  • noise is a “rattle" as opposed to a "whine".
  • noise gets louder when clutch pedal is depressed and gear stick is pulled towards gear (especially with 2nd!).
  • you can feel it on the gear knob.
  • couldn’t select gears at one point when on route home last week, wouldn’t dare let go on clutch pedal in second!! 


I have had two people give me their opinion, fist mechanic says clutch release bearing and second guys saying gear box - i really don’t want to spend money on the wrong parts! what are your opinions? 

links below for a couple of videos, they’re not the greatest but you can hear the noises if you try... (excuse my french on the second vid...)


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I know this is no use mate but i really do feel for u and the problems youve had over all this time.if i won the lottery id pay to make ur car perfect for you lol


Helpful i know

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You said it had a new lump ,was the clutch kit ,spigot bearing and gearbox oil renewed when the lump was switched?


Thrust race or clutch release bearing wear will (normally) get louder when you dip the clutch on idle when stationery.


I don't know too much about gearbox witchcraft tbh but the gearstick works the selector forks and I wouldn't have thought that pulling the gearstick slightly would make the release bearing make a noise .


What's the box and diff oil levels and conditions?


Unfortunately it Does sound a bit like gearbox issue ie idle shaft ,selector ,center diff ect .


If the oils old ,You could try dropping the box oil to see if it's got any metal bits in it . While under the car check the gearbox mounts and cradle bolts are all ok and that the gearstick linkage isn't worn or loose .


Hopefully it's a cheap fix for you fella

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Can only echo above. If you can get a gear it doesn't sound like the clutch. When they go they either break up or slip in all gears.

Either way you'll need to drop the box so that would be the first step.

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