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ECU advice

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I have a 1993 Import WRX Wagon. It has the Td04 turbo.  I have put an induction kit on it and have a full 2.5" turbo back exhaust system with a sports cat.

I would like to get it remapped but dont have enough for the esl and mapping yet. The car runs fine, it seems to be using a lot more fuel but is not lumpy or displaying any faults, I have reset the ecu but i would like to get another ecu and map on it.

Is there anything anyone can recommend to do until i can get it mapped.  The z4 ecu seems to come up when i search, but that is for the td05.


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I'm not 100% what injectors the z4 runs, I do know it definitely runs a tdo5 16g and produces 260 hp .


Unfortunately even if the z4 did run grey 380's, the fueling would be out (possibly due to the intake) plus the tdo4 spools earlier and the tdo5 16g pulls much harder later in the Rev range.


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