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Rough idle and clicking noise


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When the car comes to a stop with the engine not all the time but most of the time it will idle roughly gradually raving itself only ever so slightly and i hear a clicking noise coming from around the key area. Could this be something to do with wiring?


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Yes it seems to idle rough raise the revs from 1000 to around 1500 then back down again only raising for a second or two but then randomly do it again after another 10 seconds have past and whenever it happens i hear a clicking noise which is in sync to the rev needle rising and when the needle drops again the clicking will stop.

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Any black smoke when it does it?

Had a Nissan do something similar, (all the maf cleaning references was due to that car!) plugged my reader in, it would run with fuel trims at 0%... then it would try to 'correct' by going to 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% then just stay there running really rich then go back down to 0% and start all over.


Anyway, takes 2 minutes to check for codes.

Even if your check engine light isn't on, there could be codes stored...



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Does this go away when cold?

Have you had any mods done?

As Mark says, check the engine codes.

Pop ur head under the steeringwheel and have a look around you should see 2 pairs of wires.

1 green pair and 1 black pair.

Connect the black pairs and, turn the ignition to on (so u hear the fuelpump buzz)

Record the check engine light and post it here and we can take a took for ya.

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