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Complete newbie, which forester?


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Hello, I completely new to this forum and am not yet a Subaru owner. I am here for guidance on which 2nd hand model to go for as a reliable family car which can seat up to 7 people.

I have seen Japanese imports advertised with around 70K miles for around £6,500.

Any recommends on which model, age and where to purchase most welcome.

Thank you


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Hi - welcome.

The only Subaru with 7 seats that I'm aware of is the Tribeca, made up until 2009. You would need the SE7 version. They only return about 23mpg, but a good number of them will already have been converted to LPG, giving an effective 40mpg in real terms.

I'm not aware of any 7-seat Foresters, sorry. Others may know more than me though.

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I think (could be wrong) that the Tribeca is the only Subaru with a Legal 7 seat capacity. So that would limit your choices, Although I'm sure that you could squeeze 7 into any model of forester :)

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