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Sad Day! :(


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Sad day come to sell my Toy Subaru impreza wrx 2006 294HP 102k milage Td05 turbo,walbro fuel pump,remap, H&R spring,dump valve,4x brand new Toyo tyres.Moving house i can afford to run 50miles a day!!!Not sure what price o would like to get for my car?any advice?i will upload more pictures!


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Am I too late now to try to convince you to take the advert down ?:biggrin: I'll try my best anyway.:thumbsup:

So you are going to be embarking on 50 miles per day, 250 per week ? Perfect for a motor like yours because it's not a spring chicken, either in age or mileage. The good thing about that is that not only does it look like you have spent a bob on the car making it yours, but it is now over the worst depreciation period. As an asset, it will now be a slow burn in depreciation and that is a good thing.

If you now buy a diesel, there are a few things you need to consider:-

  • If you buy from a trader, the diesel will be overpriced, compared to your Scooby by a good sum. Normally it is a %'s game, so probably 20% over the trade value will be the sticker price and you'll be able to knock the trader about by 5-8% off. So you'll pay 10-12% more for the motor than you'll get back for the Scooby. What I mean here is that unless buying and selling cars is your trade, you are not looking on a margin to keep a business by selling your car. It is what you get for it. But a dealer places a mark up on the motor and that means that they overprice the car as you are buying a car plus a share in that business for overheads.
  • Obviously this is all %'s but if you work that back into money, you can see that you would be able to afford a good few tanks of fuel in the Impreza.
  • OK, so you now are going to ditch the dealer/trader route or it never even figured and you are going down the private car buy route. So how can you guarantee that the private purchase will cover the 12000 miles p/a that you require from it without issue. Would the Impreza be able to take this mileage on OK and is there less risk with that car than a diesel ?
  • Once you have now factored in the cost of buying the diesel (the over priced bit on the trader forecourt) you could work out how long it will take for a 40mpg motor to recuperate that cost over and above a 25mpg motor.
  • Also, you know what Citizen Khan is about to do with diesel in London. I saw a press article the other day that anyone in a diesel today could see 40% of the car's value being wiped off it. Whether that is the case or not, diesel is not a wise move at the moment. As Chris Grayling (Transport Minister) said the other day, think long and hard about what fuel you choose to buy next.

So do you need a diesel more than you need the Impreza ? Or if the Impreza does have to go, do you need a diesel anymore than a frugal petrol, which there are now quite a few about ?

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I am with you Tidgy. I am advising anyone who is considering diesel to think and think very carefully. I work inside the industry and just have a bad feeling that we are on a cliff edge. There are 2 ways when you are on that edge. You step back and reconsider what you should do with the diesel car you have (or if you don't have one yet, but considering it, "Step away from the diesel car, sir, step away!"). Or you take the plunge, hoping that the ride over the edge is not too bad. The signs are not pointing that way, unfortunately.

Even if the Impreza is too much for 250 mile per week (BTW, I do more than double that in a 2014 WRX STi, but just got immune to running costs), consider another petrol. Some of these turbocharged frugal petrols can be a bit of fun, as long as you don't choose the silly 3 cylinder 1.0L / 1.2L set.


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The small eco engines aren't that eco from what i gather, have the thrape fook out of them to get them to go. a 3 series petrol beemer or v50 volvo (not diesel obviously hahah) that will just munch miles and be comfortable will prob do the job.






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Also if your doing 25 miles in it each way you want it to be comfortable, BMW 3 series would def be high up my list, as long as you get a decent spec'd one will great for long runs. Or possibly maybe a 5 series, MPG will be lower but again its a cruiser so driving arm chair.

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