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Recommend me a lap top ?

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Right I know a few of you on here know a fair bit about computers and I need to replace my old compaq presario .


I only use it for work invoices, burning cd's and hopefully (in the near future ) apexi datalogging .


Windows office isn't essential ,as I use the free libre office software atm but a disc drive is (for ripping n burning)


Budget around £400 any suggestions people's ?

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Only just noticed this thread... any preference to screen size?


Won't be the fastest thing in the world as it doesn't have an SSD but it does have 8GB RAM which is more than enough for everyday tasks and more.

To get one with an SSD you would need to go for one with 4GB RAM and a lower spec CPU... and that would be more likely to cause overall slowness, not just boot up speed

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Cheers chap, tbh I've deleted all the programmes I dont need and the current compaq seems to be ok .

It's just me thats slow now lol .


But I'm starting to get my head round this mapping malarkey [emoji6]


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