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Can't open my boot!


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The other day the latch inside the car to open the boot stopped working (was just loose like the boot was already open) but I could still open it with the key... Now this morning, I opened up the boot with my key, closed it then realised I forgot to put something in so put my key back in and it won't even turn, like something is blocking it.

I've tried to take the cover off the lever but I can't seem to work it over the lever and fuel cap release... thankfully my fuel cap still opens (So I filled it up just in case!!)

What do?

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3 minutes ago, Tidgy said:

It's just a cable, so could have gone boot end. as far as not working ont he key as well sounds like maybe the latch is playing up?

do they still have a gap into the the boot in the center seat?

Yeh there is a gap, is there an emergency boot release handle somewhere I can reach? 

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9 minutes ago, GeoffLeggy said:

Have fun clambering through the hole lol!! There looks to be a catch yes.  Googled 'subaru wrx boot catch' 😀

Ah, that looks like a catch for disabling the latch on the inside of the car... Still unsure how to open it from the inside!

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Well, that was fun! After finding nothing online about a boot release... had to take drastic measures! Back seats had to come out along with an anchor bar so I could crawl into the boot! I wasn't able to release the boot from the inside but I did manage to move that catch into the different position. Crawled back out but still couldn't use the latch and the key still wouldn't budge... I jiggled the key out of frustration then it popped open! Double checked the catch was in the correct position (I must have knocked it before) and reluctantly closed the boot, opened right up with the key and with the latch! What a ballache that was...



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