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New car!


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Well after owning my hawkeye for nearly a year, and having concerns about the 2.5, i had a look at a 55plate blob wrx ppp, great condition, full history, so decided to go for the swap.... good job too as the hawkeye is showing signs of headgasket failure! Shame as its been such a nice car, i do kind of miss how the older 2.0ltrs drive tho.



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Im not a chav but a big kid at heart lol, love the look of it! Only thing i plan is a dump valve, make sure underneath is cleaned and sealed. No other plans as of yet. With it just being the wrx, i dont want to push it to its limits, rather keep it at a safe level. Its got a nice afterburner raptor, tho i think ill need a bung/baffle for when im starting it up at 2.30am heading off to work......

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Yeah interior is virtually identical, seats in the blob are slightly different, a bit better for me as im a big chap, the hawk seats get quite uncomfy on a long run. I had a classic for 9 years, high milage on it but very little problems, just the usual consumables, it got crashed into tho and thats when i ended up with the hawk, its nice but have too much paranoia about the 2.5, the coolant tank is starting to fill up after a run, apparently a sign of headgaskets going? I hope ive made the better choice going back to a 2.0 ltr, its certainly a cheaper option than getting the hawk forged.....

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