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1998 Impreza Turbo

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I've got an old Impreza in my garage, it's barely been used (37k on the clock), and for the last 6 years it's not been on the road. The garage is warm, so it's not been exposed to any harsh environments.


What problems can I expect to find when we take it to the garage to get it MOT'd and road worthy?


Thanks in advance



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Welcome to the club!

Has it been turned over every now and again?

I would expect a lot of rubber hoses to be dried and brittle so double check all of them, Battery will no doubt need to be replaced.

Would change all fluids along with the timing belt and water pump to ensure everything is fresh.

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Cracked/perished tyres. Dirty brake, clutch and PAS fluid. Other perishables like cv boots may be brittle or cracked. Possible electrical faults if any condensation has gotten in.



Might be worth cranking the engine manually or disconnect the Cam sensor. Get some oil circulating before having it run. The heads will likely be bone dry after 6 years. I'd give it a fresh service too. New plugs, new air, oil and fuel filters. Nice fresh oil in her sump too.



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