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Hi all

Can anyone recommend a good garage around Leeds for a head gasket repair? I'm new to the area so don't know where might be good.

The last post I could see for good garages around Yorkshire was from 2010 so I thought I would start a new one in case things have changed.




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There's Richard Henry over in Bradford if you don't fancy a trip 'down south' never used them but been there,

I used to use Martin at sheffield subaru services, always found him to be spot on and reasonable cost wise.


However both he and Scooby clinic will tell you just doing the headgasket's is a false economy and your best off with a full stripdown & rebuild due to the crank bearings being damage when the heads go. So you may get the same from Richard Henry,


I'm only making you aware of this incase you think they are taking the **** and trying to fleece you, they aren't and are trying to potentially save you more money in the long run


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