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Classic impreza overhaul


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I went to visit my local Subaru dealer today and considered going for a 17/67 WRX STI. They look nice, not quite my cup of tea but it'd grow. Long story short I can't convince myself to pay the installments for a car that will give me the same experience I get now. It'll be the same smile. So rather than put that money in to a new car that will never actually be mine I want to put it towards my classic.


The plan (so far)


I want to have an engine built capable of 450hp this won't be a target at all. Simply want the block and bearings to have some leeway when it comes to pushing it. I want internals to be capable of making 400hp. Once ready I want to have it running circa 350hp.


I haven't decided on 2l, strokers or 2.5l but it will still be a family car at the end of the day.


With the engine done and out the way I need to consider turbo and ECU options. Having some fancy features would be nice from the ECU.


In the long run I'd like to stick a 6 speed box in it for both gearing and the extra strength to take the new power.


Ideally I want the bodywork sorted and a complete respray, any advice on places to send it?


Tips, advice and companies that can complete my work will be greatly appreciated. At this point budget is not an issue but time is. So it's not something that will happen overnight. Cheers all.

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Sounds like my plan a [emoji41]

Get all the mechanical stuff done and enjoy the "sleeper " look . Then fit everything into a fresh clean Shell .

But i ended up getting the v1sti a bit earlier than planned and in true project car fashion, im now running outta "plan " alphabet letters [emoji23]🤣

Best of luck with it .........

And sticking with plan A [emoji6]

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