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hi from a nearly wrx sti owner


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Not quite a owner as of yet but money in the pot is getting close to my target so thought i would sign up in the hope of getting some more info on what to look for and opinions on upgrades etc . 

I'm being fussy so may take a little while to find what im looking for but it will be a daily for approx a year whilst i hunt out any issues and do necessary upgrades before it becomes my track car . 

i am looking for or as close to a 07 wrx sti in black with reasonably low miles and min 330bhp and it must come from a loving enthusiast owner who has cared for it well ! 

any advice based on what im after ? 

thank you , Amy  

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Welcome to the club, if you are going to go for one on or after 06 i think it was then it'l have the 2.5ltr engine which has suffered from a few problems most notably ringland failure as subaru seemed to make the pistons from chocolate lol so really you would want to find a car that has had the engine forged which eliminates that problem and should see many miles of happy motoring plus it should make the engine capable of higher amounts of power which will be good for the track 😉

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Wotcha and welcome - a good idea to approach with patience and wait for the right motor - If you are planning on tracking the car consider a widetrack STI version.

If you are looking for the later model because of the Hawk front end - they can be changed quite easily so consider a blob option

This example here has plenty already added so even if you didnt want the brand of part used you could resell an recoup some money from your own investment.


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