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Subaru impreza ticking sound coming from car? HELP


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Hi guys

I was driving my car and reved it under a bridge with clutch engaged after that the car doesnt want to go into any gear.

It does engage in gear whilst car is off, as soon as you start it all you hear is TICK TICK TICK and you are unable to engage into any gear.

Has this happened to anyone?

P.S. It is not the engine.

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Yes, could be the clutch too, but the tell tail sign here is the ticking noise, even if the clutch is gone it should still move, even when i nuked my gearbox i could rev the !Removed! out of it and it would hop about.

Eitherway you gotta take the gearbox or engine out.

A clutch is a progressively wearing item, you will feel the clutch getting worse and worse.

I recently done my clutch. When my clutch was dying, i did one hard pull and an upshift and i couldnt get into gear. It smelt of clutch. I then parked up and switched the car off, had a fight with the gearstick and it started going into gear.

When you last drive it, did you feel, at any point of the rev range the car losing power and/or the revs climbing but the speed staying the same?


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Thanks for your reply man, I had the same problem about 2 weeks ago it got stuck in first gear and i drove him in first after that it went into every gear. 1 Week later

i revved the car with clutch pressed and that is when i was fighting with the gear stick to engage. No the rev range was fine engine drove as it should it

just doesnt want to go into gear.

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