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Hawkeye STI remap

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I’m currently getting my Hawk rebuilt with forged internals. It’s got a remap on it at the moment but it’s just a dodgy hand written receipt and a rolling road print out from a different date. 

So I’m a little concerned about doing this build and not knowing what’s going on with the rest of it. 

I’m based near Gatwick but can travel most places, Slowboy racing and Race dynamics but I’m new to the Subaru tuning game so need pointing in the right direction. It will help run her in right? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Neil at slowboy knows his onions and personally I never had a problem with my map dine by Duncan @racedynamix

But everyone has thier own experiences & opinions on mappers and you can open up a massive can of worms,

My advice would be to contact the various mappers with your needs and take it from there

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Im not gonna turn it into another long thread, but IMO (and alot of others), he's technically lacking in knowledge, has poor working practices and will leave you up the swanny if things go wrong, i'd sooner let a monkey have a go at it.

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not 100% on him tbh, heard the odd bad story (which you will about most place, just tends to be how bad and what the basis on them is) but does seem to be one of the better ones. Very few people i would trust to map my car tbh Engine tuner, scoobyclinic, andy F and Pat H are prob the only ones.

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