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Legacy Tourer parts for sale


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Having just sold my Legacy Spec B tourer I have no need for the additional items listed below


For sale are:


  • Cat back full Powerflow stainless steel exhaust including back boxes (built 2015 by Unique in Stafford)  
  • Newly reconditioned freshly painted (black) front and rear calipers with sliders AND stainless pistons (Still in box)
  • Wheels and winter tyres - Four 17x7 Forester XT alloys 5x100 ET48 AND Bridgestone Wintersport 3D 215x50x17 tyres. alloys in good condition and tyres all good with even 6-7mm all round
  • Single Forester XT 17x7 alloy in good condition
  • 2006 pre-facelift OE Spec B front grill. Good condition all tabs present
  • 2006 Spec B specific Bilstein front and rear dampers,springs, top mounts for sale.  Taken off mine in late 2016 
  • Subaru OE rear bumper flap (velcro fitment to boot floor and folds over to protect bumper).  As new
  • Rear lights (pre facelift) Replaced with facelift examples


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