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H6 engine remap


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hi , thanks for the reply . but a quick search shows a number of places offering an upgrade of about 10 to 15%( 245 to start with) means bout 25 to 30 bhp increase with a increase in torque. They quote that the avc is made to kick in earlier, getting rid of the flat spot at low revs. Just wanted to find out any recommendations of places to go who actually know what they are doing with a H6.

cheers Ian


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i've seen plenty of places promise plenty of extra bhp on a non turbo subaru, but im yet to see any of them manage to get anywhere near the claims they make.

i'd expect nearer 5bhp and i expect any noticeable improvement will be in your head.


But if you do go ahead get it on a dyno before and then after to see the change, i'd happily be proven wrong :)

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fitting some Raptor headers would prolly give you more gain than a remap on its' own..

as i understand it, a cossie filter, V-power or Tesco 99, a decent xhaust system and then a remap ...even then you'd be lucky to see anymore than 25/30 xtra...





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Having been a member of the UKLegacy.com there are quite a few on their who have had the re-map at DH Cars and have commented on how better the car drives. I don't think there was any great gains in power just a smother power delivery and an eradication of a torque dip some had experienced with the standard set up

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