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Starting the car and driving it right away?

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Hi guys!

Quick question, since I do it most of the times, I usually start the car and drive it right away - Not hard at all, around 2k rpm to 3k rpm and slowly - but where I park the car there is an uphill and I could definetly feel that the car was completly lacking of power (since i just turned it on and its cold, which is comprehensive...), same the other day, I started the car and inmediatly there was a long uphill, so again, 2-3k rpm maximum and 40 - 50 kph maximum (since it was cold there was literally no chance to go faster even if i wanted to...)

Does this damages the engine? as far as i know the damage is caused when the people revs the car to higher rpm when its still cold... but driving it right away to 2k - 3k rpm is also bad?




Thanks! Cheers,


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It's always good to stay off boost when the engine's cold and keep the revs low if possible but it's not so important to keep the revs low .

if going up a incline when cold, I'd say you'd probably be better off bringing the revs up a bit by holding it in gear at a lower throttle position . Than sitting at 3k with over half throttle, as at 3k with half throttle most scoobs will trying to make more boost

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Yeah, now a days i just wait 2 or 3 mins, even if is still low after that time because is better than from 0 :D and i saw some positive results, also at the small uphill from the -2 to the -1 floor i take a little bit of speed xD

What I find it a little bit strange is that... could it be that the 10w60 that the previous owner put on it make the engine somehow "slower"?

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I always wait for a few minutes before I drive from cold especially when it is in minus figures, and then I take it steady until she is up to temp. Pulling ofs straight after starting cannot do any car any good. To give you an idea my coolant got down to -2 C after sitting overnight when it was -4 C last month. Only takes a couple of minutes to get 40C on fast idle.

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