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afternoon all so long story short been told i need a remap, thought since it's being mapped i may aswell upgrade the fuel pump to the walbro 255, i just want to know will i need a map as soon as it's fitted or will it be ok for a couple of days, i know it will run like **** until it's mapped just need to know if it's safe,car is a 2003 wrx ppp. cheers

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Fitting a pump won't make any difference to the fuelling and it will run the same ,bud .

The fuel pressure regulator will keep the fuelling the same as oe , but fitting a new pump before mapping is a good idea .

As once remapped at full throttle the old pump might fail ,due to the extra demand for fuel 😉

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Yes bud ,it won't change anything just be more reliable. 

Couple of tips ...

Pull the fuel pump fuse ,start it and let it run till it stalls ,to de pressurise fuel system a bit before undoing fuel lines .

Clean the area around the tank fuel sender hatch before opening the tank , lessens the chance of debris going in the tank .

Have a few bits of rag to hand to mop spills and something to cover the hole when you remove the cradle to fit the new pump .

Check the fuel sock is the same length ish as the old one ,if not and the old 1 is clean ,refit the old one .

Once everything is refitted refit the fuel pump fuse ,turn key a few times just too ignition stage, to prime pump and systems . Then go for 1st start up 😉

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