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So Im on the hunt for any tips/ advice you guys have from changes you may have made to your scoobies handling. Are the Sti struts Red? The ones on the car a red and my last wrx had black struts pic below. First thing on the cards after mot time is a set of decent tyres cause I have what looks like budget numbers on the car from last owner so im sure that is best place to start. I dont really mind the cars nature of understeer bias but id like it a little sharper without being too stiff.anyone know how great the difference is after front strut brace is fitted? Id like a little less body roll but again not too stiff its not gonna be a track car. I dont want coilovers cant go too stiff cause the roads are shocking and I like having teeth 😂




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Some decent tyres will make the world of difference, made mine feel like a completely different car. 

Upgrading just your springs might be the way to go, most performance springs have a progressive element so they stiffen up the more you lean on them. 

Regards the anti roll bars, there was a post on here a few years go from @stants if I remember correctly. He changed both front and rear anti roll bars for thicker ones and it improved turn in feel. I think he coupled this with changing to poly bushes as well, which is another area to look into.

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Just realised you didn’t actually mention ARBs... 😂. But they will make a difference. I had a strut brace on my legacy, can’t say I noticed much difference but they must be doing something. Plus they add a nice touch to the engine bay. 

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Not sure if the sti strutts are red ,you might have pedders replacements but either way you're probably better off finding out what shocks you have and matching springs to suit their dampening rates .

Aftermarket arb definitely helps with body roll especially if you get a adjustable one . Rear camber bolts are also a good cheap addition if you're going to lower or get a 4 wheel alignment done,  as gives whoever does the geo a better chance to set car up to your driving style /needs .

I've got mostly whiteline stuff on the v1sti as it's relatively cheap and does the job , only thing I'd say is whiteline stuff doesn't tend to stay rust free and after a few yrs , the paint tends to crack .

Unsure if elbaich ,cdf,perrin ECT last any better In our salty winters though tbh .

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