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Newbie signing in.


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Hi all!

Thought I'd swing by here as I've just bought my second Subaru (first Impreza though).  It's a 2002 NB-R (anyone know much about them?  Can't seem to find very much online).  I picked it up last week and I really love it already.  It's a SportShift model (I know, slushbox lol) but I really like the way it drives.  It's got a few nice bits on it too, Cusco bracing everywhere, stainless EL headers and a stainless turbo back system - I keep finding new stuff!  Here's a couple of pics:  Fear not, the STi boot badge is now gone!  I quite like the ones on the fog covers though......




I used to have a Legacy which I regretted selling as soon as it was driven away.  In between the Subaru's I had an FN2 Type-R which was fun but the Subaru bug never went away.

Here's my Leggy, taken around the time it was sold:


Before that I had a Silvia (actually, it was my fourth one, but I don't have any pics of the others):



Anyway, I'm off to check out the rest of the forums, nice to meet you all lol.


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Thanks guys :).

Yeah, it's an auto with the gear change buttons on the steering wheel.  You can also knock the stick over to the left and change up/down manually too if the buttons aren't your thing.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's anywhere near as quick as a manual car but once you get going it's like a 2.0 turbo go-kart :biggrin:.

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Wotcha and welcome - there is less than a second between my Auto and sport shift option 0-60 as they both have the same gear ratio ultimately the sport shift just means I can hang into the gear longer, was looking at getting the column paddles and loom for that as well as I want some auto mirror loom adaptors from this JDM site so was thinking why not...

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