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Subaru vs Bird - Bird Won


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Good evening all,


So Friday afternoon, minding my own business and driving down a country lane in the middle of nowhere, a little bird thought it be wise to conduct himself (or herself) in a manner i found utterly unacceptable.

Before i even had the chance to blink a puff of feathers almost exploded into the air! After almost coming to a stop and checking my surroundings said bird was nowhere to be seen. I believed at this point said bird was now attempting to nest within my engine bay so i thought i better get out and take a look.


So i was not to happy about what i saw - especially as the bird decided to leave just one feather and go on his merry little way.

I am now stuck with the most ugly and soul destroying grill at the front which i cant seem to pull back into place!!!

I have tried attaching several cable ties to pull it back but its not budging. I'm actually now deficient approximately 12 cable ties thanks to this bird. Someone help how do i fix this?! 


P.s if anyone does see or hear from said bird ask for insurance details!


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This is purely an idea, but if you took your bumper off, you should find that the grille is clipped on from behind. If you can remove it, you should be able to reform the shape, then re-attach it.

On the up side, at least it’s done it’s job and kept your a/c condenser and radiator in one piece!! 

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