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Blow on up-pipe


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With car on ramp through the crumbling heat wrap you could see exhaust deposits - pulled it off to do a bit of welding and found this - yup that would blow a little 😀

New blanket on shopping list





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dont know - only found it when car was on the ramp, will reassemble with a bit of exhaust sealant and replace wrapping with a blanket then I can pretend its fine....

Looked at a one piece replacement and fell into the upgrade spiral.....

Oh there is a bigger diameter option,

Well I will need the manifold to match,

Well it makes more financial sense to buy as a set,

Whats a rotated / twisted turbo setup.....

Conclusion -  live with current setup for the moment and shopping list has been amended 😁


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Yeah slip joints do blow until they've become hot enough for the metal to expand and seal . They're good though ,as they allow movement during heat cycles, which in turn reduces stress on welds and flanges 😉

As for you jay......

Unequal length manifold (get her burbling like a scooby should) .

Harvey trick up pipe matched to the size of your headers and turbo , too increase spool 😉

Speak to Alyn at Asperformance as he has the rights to "Harvey up pipes" and info on what size you'd need .

If you need anymore help spending your money on scooby parts .... I'll gladly help you as my wife can't moan at me for spending YOUR money 😊

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