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Hey everyone, I've just fitted my FMIC on my 95 impreza and I'm looking for a APEXI (or other brand) air intake reducing connector as already have a filter so don't need a whole kit. just wondering if anyone had one laying around or know where i can buy it on its own. any help would be much appreciated and put a link below if can't understand what I'm on about.



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Reach out to breakers and they may eventually turn something up - other than that I would buy the kit and sell the filter you have if you want it sooner rather than later? 

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There is a company that sells a polished ally resonator delete for the v1/V2 phase 1 Impreza's. As I do have one that was fitted to my v1sti but unfortunately I like to keep (hoard) scooby scraps. 

So won't be selling it and it doesn't have any manufacturers markings on it either. .So I can't tell you who makes them but at least you know that someone makes them other than just apexi , so you might be able to widen your search .

Here's a pic of it fitted on my old set up 


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