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Ps pump leak, easy fix?


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I'd suggest to clean the area first and keep a eye on it to see exactly where its leaking from . As you could end up buying and fitting a new/good 2nd hand pump , only to find out its leaking from where a pipe connects. As I'm fairly sure new pumps are close to £400 

If it is the pump and you're handy with a spanner ,I Think i saw that import car parts sell a pump refurbishment kit for newage but you'd have to have a look or give Luke a bell .

Hopefully it's just leaking from the feed ,return or reservoir pipe and I'm sure I.c.p do the pipe connection seals /washers for those .



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No probs bud ,hope it's a cheap fix fella .

I find autoglym machine cleaner is fairly good ,as its water based . Just don't get too much cleaner in the direction of the cambelt cover or alternator. 

I recently had a oil leak on my caddy workhorse but I don't normally work on the van tbh so its bay is filthy . So I got the engine steam cleaned ,by the local "wash yer car boss" for a tenner , which might be easier than doing it yourself 😉

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So im finally gonna be able to spend some Keesh on my wrx soon and I’m 100% now that it’s the low pressure line on my ps pump that’s leaking so that’s first. The only trouble is I’ve looked for a seal kit and the only ones I can find on ICP says bugeye only and the other says 06-14 years wtf. Is the ps pump not the same on the bug and blob anyone know?

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