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Looking for my first XV - advice please


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Hi all,

Not new to Subaru, in fact the reason I’m coming back to one is purely because I miss my old 330s hatch (tuned to 400bhp) but I now require something practical and the XV seems to tick the boxes...

Could someone point me in the right direction for a buyers guide or things to watch out for?

I plan to test both Petrol and Diesel variants and I’ve read a few things on other sites (Pistonheads, other non UK forums) but would ideally prefer some input from the people who actually drive these on a daily basis.

Thanks In advance for any feedback 🙂

(and here’s a shot of the old car)



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15 hours ago, ernieb said:


Assume you'r not going to buy new as currently XV's are only sold with a petrol engine and a CVT automatic gearbox?

Yes correct, 

I’m probably going to go with the diesel/manual but just wanted to see if anyone could chime in with any pointers?


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Bit more rummaging around the site LED to this beauty of a review

and I also found more info on common issues and fixes etc and I feel much more comfortable when looking for one now...

Any advice is still welcome 

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We've got 2 Diesels. Ones up near 90K (13 plate) the other at 55k(61 plate). So far problems I've had are wheel bearings on the 90k I've done both rears, and need to do a front now. The 55k has not has any wheel bearing problems.
Both have crap AC, I've just yesterday replaced the Condenser on the 55k car, haven't really tested to see if it's working yet, it uses the new r1234yf gas so it's expensive. So if your getting one from a garage get them to top it up for you. This is going to be a problem with any newer car, but just a warning.

The 90k car scrubbed a set of tyres really quickly (10/12k maybe?) due to poor alignment from the garage, but they seem to be doing better on tyres now. I think I just got 27k out of a set of kuhmo grugens and they were still legal when I changed them.

Both cars needed to go in to be checked for a wiring harness problem. The 55k car needed to have a replacement harness fitted (under warranty) but it's the only one I've heard of needing done.

The bog standard cd/radio is pretty poor, but again, could just be signal in our area. I'm not sure about any of the sat nav versions.

Other than these small faults, so far we have not had anything frightening.

There are a few rattles and clunk's starting to appear, but I think that's down to the condition of our roads more than anything else.

Hope you find a good one.

Any more questions, let us know.

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Wow That Silver Subaru (is it an Impreza ?) looks brand new. And it shines.
I took delivery of my XV yesterday and saw it come off the carrier. It's amazing, I've been doing the homework or 'hunting' for a 'smaller' 4x4 or SUV for some 6 months, but was not prepared to go from a 320 V6 to anything less than 2.0 l and they want to pull a Qashqai  around with a 1.2 l motor ? I wouldn't want my passengers to have to call for Uber when I put the air con on or start a hill climb. And having seen and driven the XV well. Enough said.
I wouldn't want (and we cant get) a diesel as they're going to become about as popular as smoking in public (I was one) Yuk
So I got the top of the line 2017 (what we call 2.0i S ES CVT) in Ice Silver. Oh wow, sooo decadent and an absolute beaut ! And sexy !!
I hope you make the right call ! I note that 2 of the more astute XV owners have commented so happy (and successful) hunting.


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